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Why should you invest in social media advertising from Four Social Digital Marketing?

👉Without investment in advertising online, new businesses can suffer with an influx of subscribers and low reach.

1️⃣ In a recent report; 40% of social media business users said they were struggling with “declining organic reach and were having to increase their paid ad budget” as their biggest problems.

2️⃣ It is second only to the issue of constantly coming up with new ideas for content.

❌ Did you know… The average organic reach of a Facebook post is just 5.2% of your followers/likes.

This means that only 5.2% of your subscribers can see your posts if you don’t add a paid advertising budget into your online marketing.

Brand awareness marketing from Four Social Digital Marketing can help build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and audience engagement 👌

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✅ Social Media Marketing
✅ Google / Facebook Ads
✅ Event Promotions
✅ Web Design
✅ Graphic Design

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